Excited To Announce The Launch Of Vidagranola!

About Vida Granola

Thank you for visiting Vida Granola! My name is Alex, and I am a 25 year old newlywed with a  passion for healthy food, nutrition, and living an active life.   I am adamant about maintaining  my healthy lifestyle throughout my first year of marriage and avoiding the “newlywed 15”. I worked extremely hard to look as physically good as possible on my wedding day, and I hope to maintain my current active and healthy lifestyle, by staying motivated!

My Thoughts on Food

I believe in treating food as fuel for your body.  Eating whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and lean  meats are the most efficient sources of energy for you.  I try to eat foods with natural and  wholesome ingredients, avoiding processed foods whenever possible. I read labels. If I don’t  recognize or can’t pronounce an ingredient, I stay clear. I try my best to eat organically and locally and love my weekly trips to the farmers market.  With that said, I am NOT perfect. I occasionally succumb to my cravings for ice cream, pizza, and chocolate! But when these cravings hit, I try to satisfy my appetite in the healthiest way possible- choosing low fat ice cream, whole wheat crust and vegetable filled pizzas, and dark chocolate.

I count my calories. It makes me accountable for every spoonful I put in my mouth.  It really opened my eyes to portions, serving sizes, and the quality of calories.

I LOVE eating delicious and healthy foods and hope that you enjoy the recipes featured on Vida Granola.

My Thoughts on Exercise

By nature, I am an active person and I love to exercise. I workout for three days, followed by one day of rest. I get bored with doing the same type of workout every day so I tend to go to fitness classes two to three days a week. Fitness classes keep things fresh, and motivational sense you have an instructor to push you! For me, a great workout involves sweating from head to toe and really pushing yourself physically! I enjoy intense and challenging workouts. I like to FEEL like I am working my muscles.

The workouts featured on Vida Granola are guaranteed to make you sweat!

I look forward to reading your comments on Vida Granola! Please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions!