My Fitness Gadget Obsession

I LOVE fitness gadgets. Maybe it has something to do with being married to a “techie”, but when I work out, I am monitored by at least one of my favorite fitness gadgets. They keep me MOTIVATED, and give me the info I need to push myself harder during a workout. Take a look at some of my latest  obsessions..

Polar F4 Women’s Heart Rate Monitor

The Pros: My heart rate monitor is hands down my favorite gadget. I wear it whenever I am doing a cardio or circuit workout. It provides you with very important pieces of information, the 2 biggies being your heart rate and calories burned. Your heart rate is super important, the higher it is the harder your body is working during your cardio workout. The calories burned feature of the monitor is awesome.  Since the monitor takes into account your height, weight, age, gender, and heart rate, the calories burned are more reliable than estimates from a cardio machine. Continue reading “My Fitness Gadget Obsession”