At Home Cardio Interval Circuit Workout

On cold winter days, its hard for me to get motivated to leave my nice warm house and head to the gym! Luckily, I have a lot of workouts saved from over the years that can be done at home. Here is one of my absolute favorites. This circuit workout involves 4 minutes of cardio intervals, with 2 different toner moves (each move involves two sets of 15).

You will need:

  • A set of dumbbells ( I use 8 pound weights, 5 or 10 would work just fine as well)
  • An exercise ball
  • A resistance band
  • A mat

The 4 Minute Cardio Intervals:

  • 1 Minute- Run up and down the stairs
  • 1 minute- Jump rope
  • 1 minute- sprints across the living room
  • 1 minute – side to side jumps over a pillow, or a rope, etc.

Toner Moves:

I used the 8 toner moves featured in Self Magazine’s Burn Fat Fast Workout. You can take a look at the strength training moves by clicking here. Make sure you study the video, so you know how to do each move correctly, I must have watched the video 3 times before the workout!

  • Trimming Tap
  • Super Squat
  • Waist Whittler
  • Get-Lean Lunge
  • Saturday Night Slimmer
  • Crunch and Punch
  • Toning Twist
  • Wall Walker

The Plan:

Start with a 5 minute Warm Up and Stretch

Set 1

  • 4 minute cardio intervals
  • Trimming Taps- 2 reps of 15 on each leg
  • Super Squats- 2 reps of 15

Set 2

  • 4 minute cardio intervals
  • -Waist Whittler- 2 reps of 15 on each side
  • Get-Lean Lunge- 2 reps of 15 on each leg

Set 3

  • 4 minute cardio intervals
  • -Saturday Night Slimmer- 2 reps of 15 on each side
  • Crunch and Punch- 2 reps of 15

Set 4

  • -4 minute cardio intervals
  • -Toning Twist-  2 reps of 15 on each side
  • Wall Walkers- 2 reps of 15

5 minute stretch and cool down!

After this 45 minute workout, I was dripping and managed to burn 600 calories. You definitely need to make sure you take a one minute water break in-between each set.

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